Lorenzo y Óscar: dos mártires, una sola fe

Amigos, les dejo aquí una reflexión que escribí para un nuevo portal que ha desarrollado la Universidad de Notre Dame, Faith ND.


romero and lawrence

Today the Church remembers St. Lawrence, martyred in A.D. 258. Almost three months ago, the same Church declared Monseñor Óscar Romero of El Salvador a martyr, opening the path for his official canonization after his assassination in 1980.

Romero and Lawrence share one very significant characteristic: both were killed by the oppressive powers of their time as a consequence of their faith in Christ. But more importantly, both were killed because they understood that this faith commitment is most fully manifested when faith meets justice and starts fighting for the most vulnerable in society, the poor. They were killed because they sided with the poor, because they disobeyed the powers that be, confronted them, became a threat to their authority.

Today’s Gospel is not an invitation without concrete testimony—we have Jesus and the martyrs—and yet it poses upon us an almost impossible task. We are called to love to the extreme, like our Lord and these two disciples. We are called to give up our lives as a sacrifice of love. We perhaps will not see the fruit of this sacrifice, but we have the promises of God’s word and the testimony of God’s martyrs. We will not know the kind of sacrifice that will be asked from us until the time has come, but we know its extreme form in the case of Jesus and the martyrs.

May the Lord give us the openness of heart required to offer our lives in defense of the poor, as Lawrence and Romero did. May their memories give us the strength we lack to imitate their discipleship. Let us keep their testimony alive, and hold the summons of the Gospel as a real challenge, lest our love become lukewarm and we fail to remember the radical calling to love that being a Christian meant and still means today.

Pueden encontrar la reflexión también en: http://faith.nd.edu/s/1210/faith/social.aspx?sid=1210&gid=609&pgid=25881&cid=49728&ecid=49728&crid=0

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